Prezidan Vladimir

Angeline MinnocciComment

Bonsoir, friends!

Angeline here. I'll be comin' to ya live from Gonaives, Haiti for the next three weeks as Shop Elda undergoes our THIRD EVER sewing workshop. I can't wait to share with you stories of Haiti and all of its glorious, comfort-zone-destroying, joyful splendor. 

So first off, this is Vladimir. 

One of the oldest boys here at the orphanage, he clearly stands out as the leader of the pack. Without a doubt, you my friends are looking at the next president of Haiti!

This evening, like every other evening, I sat on the tile floor of the hallway with Vladimir and a few of the other boys. They speak such good English now - infinitely more than when I first met them 4 years ago. Whereas Lindsey and I can only speak the simplest of words in Creole. So we exchanged funny English words and funny Creole words, sang silly songs, and gave each other history lessons about our countries' origins, ideals in which we were founded on, and listed our founding fathers. You know, basics. 

Vladimir asked me what Americans thought of our new president Trump, and I explained to him the best I could the division in our country over our new president and all of the very differing opinions happening currently. 

Haiti has just undergone a presidential election as well. I asked him what he thought of his new president, and he sighed. 

"He is a business man, but not a politician." He went on to explain how presidents in Haiti are only in it for themselves - to make money for themselves and their families and nothing more. "He doesn't think about the people of Haiti and their needs. That's why Haiti is in the state that it is in."

"They don't think about tomorrow," he said about most Haitian poloticians, "only today." And in his broken English accent, "it is no good for the future if we only think about today."

"I think the education system is the most broken part of Haiti," he said. The government is supposed to fund public schools, but the new president does not pay the teachers of public schools. Any teachers that are left in public schools are simply volunteers. This lead to a recent revolt by the students - out of their frustration and in protest, they lit classroom benches on fire. 

"That would be the first thing I would do, if God allows me to become president, is fix the education system." 

Vladimir knows the value of an education. He asks questions, good ones. He has such a thirst to know more about the world around him. Those are the best kind of people to be around in my opinion. I think those are the people who really do change the world, and all that stuff. 

Until next time, orvwa!